Voters who believe Trump's election lies can't wait to cast ballots next year

Substantial majorities of Republicans believe Donald Trump had the 2020 election snatched away from him, and those voters are the most enthusiastic about casting ballots in next year's midterms.

Trump's claims about election fraud depressed turnout in a pair of Georgia runoff elections that gave Democrats a slim majority in the U.S. Senate, but those conspiracy theories now appear to be driving GOP enthusiasm, according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll.

"By a 74%-to-25% margin, Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters (who we'll call potential Republican primary voters) say that Biden didn't win enough votes to win the 2020 election legitimately," CNN reported.

    "But it's not just that there are a lot of them. They look to be the ones who are going to be the most likely to cast a ballot next year," the network added. "The margin grows to 86% to 13% that Biden didn't win legitimately among potential Republican primary voters who are extremely enthusiastic about voting next year. Compare that to Republicans who are not enthusiastic about voting in 2022: They believe Biden didn't win legitimately by a 62% to 38% margin."

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    A majority of Republicans, at 61 percent, say that believing Trump was the rightful winner in 2020 was an important part of what being a Republican means to them, that number jumps to 77 percent for GOP voters who are extremely enthusiastic about voting next year.

    Potential GOP voters who aren't especially enthusiastic about voting are far less likely, at 58 percent, to say that believing Trump won is important to the Republican identity.

    However, most voters overall -- by a 61-to-38 percent margin -- do believe that President Joe Biden's election win was legitimate, but that number shrinks to 52-47 for those who say they're extremely enthusiastic about voting.

    Nearly 60 percent of all voters believe democracy is under attack, but those voters favor generic GOP candidates by a 55-38 margin, and 77 percent of extremely enthusiastic voters believe democracy is being attacked.