Republicans sleep-walking into another 'Trump nightmare' by backing ex-president's election lies: Morning Joe

Republicans remain stuck in a "nightmare" of their own making, forced to go along with baseless conspiracy theories floated by their former president from a country club bandstand, according to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough,

The "Morning Joe" host reacted to video shot from Donald Trump's private Mar-A-Lago club, where he regaled guests with baseless claims about election fraud like Barry Manilow playing his 1970s hits in Las Vegas.

"We don't know what's going to happen in 2022, because the Republicans historically should be lined up to have a very good run at it, especially in the House," Scarborough said. "If they win, it should be because of tactics, not an overarching strategy and tactics can help them survive for the next two to four years. But you look at the arc of history here, and you see this political party falling in on itself, like the Whigs did, like the Know-Nothings did, and you start looking again like we have over the past four years. You start looking at states like Georgia, you start looking at states like Arizona, they're about to overreach in Arizona, do something extraordinarily stupid in Arizona after three recounts, after one court after another said that Arizona was a clean recount."

"They're going to upset more suburban voters," he added. "So you take a state like Georgia, where Atlanta is too big to be overrun by Trump supporters in rural areas. Arizona is the same with Phoenix being too large, where you have educated voters and suburban voters or former Republicans to be overrun by Trump supporters out in the country who may just not follow the truth or may just look at Facebook all day, and then we're going to be adding North Carolina to that list. That was close, but four years from now, more educated people coming into North Carolina, you look at the patterns there."

Scarborough said his former party seems content to sleep-walk into that looming demographic catastrophe to appease the ego of their twice-impeached one-term president.

"Were I a Republican, I would just say, 'My God, this is preposterous, this is dangerous -- wake up,'" he said. "But they aren't waking up from this Trump nightmare that they've put themselves in."

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