Glenn Youngkin meeting with big donors at luxury resort as 2024 campaign speculation builds: report
Glenn Youngkin / Shutterstock

Virginia GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin is hosting a two-day retreat with major donors, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

"The 'Red Vest Retreat' at Keswick Hall, a luxury resort outside Charlottesville, will take place Thursday and Friday, with panel discussions on topics like education, an address by former House speaker Newt Gingrich and a private dinner at a nearby residence, the people said. The title refers to the fleece vests that Youngkin regularly wears," the newspaper reported.

Gingrich described Youngkin as a "national star."

"But others said the primary purpose of the event, which does not require a donation to attend, is to evaluate Youngkin’s capacity to mount a presidential campaign, as major Republican donors around the country continue to search for alternatives to former president Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis," the newspaper reported. "About 30 to 40 couples are expected to attend, including people who were not deeply involved in his 2021 gubernatorial campaign."

One Republican involved with the effort said, "there is a lot of tire-kicking going on.”

The report came as Virginia school kids are staging walkouts to protest Youngkin.

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