CNN focus group of Dems reveals Biden’s troubles go far beyond his age
Joe Biden / official White House photo by Erin Scott.

On Thursday, CNN aired a focus group of Biden voters from five states that showed widespread frustration with the president and hopes that Democrats with choose a different nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked six Biden voters if they preferred a Democratic Party alternative to Biden and all six raised their hands in support.

Camerota asked if Biden's advanced age was their primary concern.

"Whether he was 80 or 50 or 35, my opinion wouldn't change," said Matt Lee of Texas. "It's all in the ability and the way he's handling the presidency currently.

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"Yeah," said Jeremy Fryberger from Idaho. "I agree that I saw Joe as a one-term transitional figure, and I'm hopeful that the Democrats can field another nominee who is even stronger than Joe."

Angie Jones of Georgia said she was worried Biden can't succeed on public policy outcomes.

"The career politician aspect of his persona has hindered him from being able to make some of the real progress, not using his bully pulpit the way he could, not being forceful enough to really get things done that we critically need to get done," Jones said. "And so, yes, I enthusiastically supported him as a one-term president."

"I think Joe Biden has an immense opportunity over the next two years as we see all of the midterm elections," Lee said. "Hopefully, he allows that change to be someone else running, he puts his support behind and we can continue the progress we should be on."

Watch video below or at this link.

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