Trump's 2024 bid is 'fraught proposition' for Republicans: analysis
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump's expected 2024 comeback attempt should alarm Republicans focused on taking back the White House from Democrats, according to a new CNN analysis.

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza noted two numbers from a recent New York Times poll conducted with Siena College.

He noted "54% believe that in his actions after the 2020 election, Trump 'went so far that he threatened American democracy'" and "51% said that Trump has 'committed serious federal crimes' in regards to the various ongoing investigations into him."

Cillizza wrote, "a majority of the electorate believes that the former President of the United States actively threatened American democracy and committed federal crimes. And yet, despite those numbers, Republicans – or at least the Republican base – seem set to nominate him again to the highest office in the country. Which seems, well, like a risk?"

On Thursday, Trump's lawyers were in a D.C. courthouse, reportedly over the unsuccessful Jan. 6 effort to block the peaceful transfer of power.

"The challenge for Republicans is that Trump remains extremely popular with the GOP base. Which would make it very tough for anyone – even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – to knock him off in a primary fight," Cillizza wrote. "But numbers like these should worry Republicans about what they would be getting with Trump as the nominee. Are voters really going to support a candidate they believe broke federal laws?"

Meanwhile Trump has been spending a lot of time on his Truth Social website.

"Trump has been posting non-stop on Truth Social today. One of the articles he shared from a pro-Trump website was headlined: 'Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive,' while another one pushed for Trump to announce his bid ahead of the midterms," Daily Beast correspondent Zachary Petrizzo reported Thursday. "Over the past hour alone, Trump has posted 37 times on Truth Social."