WATCH: Kevin McCarthy dodges when Fox News asks him about saying Trump should resign
Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen Grab)

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took a trip to the southern border on Monday to attack the Biden administration's record on immigration -- but he wound up having to answer questions about his call for former President Donald Trump to resign in the wake of January 6.

Specifically, McCarthy was asked about leaked audio calls in which he said he'd personally tell Trump to resign, while also saying that he'd "had enough" with the former president.

"I never told the president to resign," McCarthy said. "It was a conversation that we had about scenarios going forward."

McCarthy then quickly pivoted back to talking about immigration.

The Fox News reporter, however, pointed out that McCarthy issued a flat denial that he'd ever said he'd tell Trump to resign, only to be later contradicted by leaked audio.

"Did you lie?" the reporter asked.

"No because what was brought to me was that I called the president to say, 'Resign,'" McCarthy replied. "I never called the president to say resign! He and I have a good relationship."

McCarthy then talked about the border.

Watch the video below.

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