Legal expert lays out 6 crimes Trump may have committed — according to testimony in shocking Jan. 6 hearing
Official White House photo of President Donald Trump walking in the rain.

Donald Trump committed six crimes that were newly revealed during Tuesday's public hearings of the House Select Committee Investigating the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to at least one legal expert.

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace interviewed former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman on Tuesday about Trump allegedly thinking that Vice President Mike Pence deserved to be hanged for not participating in his coup attempt.

"I mean, it's a crime to threaten the president or the vice president," Wallace said. "You've now got a president celebrating a pledge to hang his own number two. What is the exposure on that?"

"In a day of huge fireworks, Nicolle, I think this was one of the two or three most incendiary," Litman replied. "It's almost like a law school exam, I counted six new crimes potentially."

Litman also served as a U.S. Attorney and teaches constitutional law at the University of California San Diego and the University of California, Los Angeles.

"But look, to date, the inquiry has all been, 'Is he aware of the violence? Does he know what could happen?' We have a completely different portrait of him now," he explained. "It's someone who is not just aware of it, he's eager for it, he's fomenting it. He's grabbing Secret Service people by the clavicle and trying to grab the wheel so that he can orchestrate it."

"So, we're way past, 'Might he be aware?' And very much into the territory of, he wants this to happen, and as you say, the 'this' here is literally the tearing from limb to limb of his vice president. That's maybe, you know, maybe the most crystalline sociopathic, not to mention criminal moment in a hearing that was chock-full of them," Litman said.

"All right, give us the other five, Harry," Wallace said.

"They already knew about the two ones we've been talking about, which are messing with the proceeding and defrauding the U.S. But I have now: he destroys U.S. property; I think seditious conspiracy is now in play, and that's very, very serious; inciting a riot is now in play and that's very, very serious; assaulting a Secret Service officer," he said. "But the two big-ticket items that are now very much in the DOJ's can: seditious conspiracy; incitement of a riot," Litman said. "Because as I say, it's now clear that he wants the force to occur, and that brings the two most serious charges down on his head, potentially."

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