California teacher under fire for leading pre-schoolers in an anti-Biden chant: report
Joe Biden (AFP)

According to a report from ABC7, a California Christian school and a teacher employed there are taking heat after a clip was posted online that showed the teacher leading 4 and 5-year-olds in a chant attacking President Joe Biden.

The report notes that brief clip showed the teacher at Turning Point Christian School in the city of Norco encouraging the kids to call for Biden's ouster.

The report states, "The video lasts only about eight seconds. You can hear a teacher asking the students, 'Who's our President.' The students then respond in unison, 'Biden!' The teacher then asks the students 'What do we want to do with him?' and the students respond twice, 'We want him out!'"

The video which has since been taken down, was first reported by Christina McFadden whose daughter attends the school and who repeated "We want him out!" when she was picked up after school.

"I had to watch it multiple times to realize, is this really happening?" the outraged McFadden explained before adding, "That was the great message she learned that day. Her first history lesson."

According to the report, the video was quickly taken down with the school sending out a message that began, "We use Brightwheel as a parent communication app to share about your child's day and activities. Earlier today, a video was posted that has since been deleted as it did not share our school and church philosophy of honoring and respecting authority including those in government positions," before adding, "We are sorry for any misunderstanding this could of (sic) created. With courtesy towards the families of our campus and the children in the classroom I am asking you to please not share with others or post the video on any social media platform."

ABC7 reports inquiries by phone and email to the school have gone unanswered and that McFarland was told the teacher was "repentant" but was unaware if they were disciplined.

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