GOP ex-lawmaker still on the loose almost two weeks after being charged for raping House intern: report
Idaho Republican Aaron von Ehlinger (Photo: Wikipedia)

Idaho Republican state Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger resigned in April, only hours after the Idaho House Ethics Committee recommend that full body expel him from the legislature.

"Committee members strongly condemned the behavior of the freshman state representative, who is accused of the rape of a 19-year-old House intern, plus pursuing, dating or asking out a total of four women employed in the Capitol this year, including, in some cases, sexual contact," the Idaho Press reported at the time.

The victim's identity was revealed by right-wing media and spread by Republican state Rep. Priscilla Giddings.

On September 10th, the Lewiston Tribune reported the local prosecutor in Boise was pursuing charges.

"The Ada County District Court has issued an arrest warrant for former state Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger on charges of rape and sexual penetration with a foreign object. The move comes almost six months after von Ehlinger took a 19-year-old House intern to his Boise apartment for a sexual encounter following a dinner date," the newspaper reported.

On Wednesday, the newspaper reported that the suspect has not yet been arrested or turned himself in. And the newspaper noted that it is raising questions.

The Lewiston Tribune reported the office of Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts "declined to comment on whether it's actively looking for von Ehlinger. And it gave no comment on whether it has had any conversations with von Ehlinger or his lawyer since the arrest warrant was issued."

Those weren't the only questions left unanswered.

"No comment on the arrest warrant, which apparently allows von Ehlinger to be freed after his arrest, so long as he posts bond. No comment on whether the arrest warrant even asks for von Ehlinger to be held until Boise police can come pick him up, if he happens to be arrested in another jurisdiction," the newspaper reported.

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