Austin businesses slam Abbott for creating chaos with mask decision
Greg Abbott (Brendan Smialowski:AFP)

On CNN Saturday, Austin Independent Business Alliance executive director Elizabeth Dixie Patrick slammed Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for his repeal of a statewide mask mandate without consulting health experts, warning that it will cause chaos for Texas businesses.

"So it sounds like there is a lot of concern, maybe a little bit of panic going into next Wednesday," said anchor Amara Walker. "What are the conversations sounding like, and what kinds of plans are being made ahead of Wednesday when the mandates are being lifted?"

"There is definitely a lot of additional anxiety, unnecessary anxiety about what we'll do," said Patrick. "We're lucky here that Austin Public Health and the City of Austin are asking everyone to continue with our vigilance, with masking, distancing and handwashing, and so the messaging from the city is fantastic and it will support local business owners in that way. We are banding together as a community to share ideas, how do we do de-escalation techniques, who can we call if something does get really uncomfortable, what are my rights? So business owners are pulling together like they always do to support each other through this new uncomfortable period."

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