ABC privately disputes Meghan McCain's claim about The View's 'toxic' workplace — and reveals a different reason for her exit
Meghan McCain. (ABC/Screenshot)

Former co-host of "The View," Meghan McCain alleged that there was a toxic work environment at her ABC show because Joy Behar said she didn't miss McCain while she was on maternity leave.

But in a TMZ exclusive, ABC is pushing back on McCain's claims, with sources telling the site that the network is furious about her new "tell-all" memoir that trashes the show.

"We're told there are many points of dissent -- for instance, ABC execs say the notion Meghan left on her own volition is wrong, and ditto for her claim everybody except her was oozing toxicity," said the report. "Our sources tell us Meghan was essentially forced out of her role after an internal investigation into the environment she describes -- which we're told was, in fact, real ... but mostly due to Meghan's behavior on and off camera, not her coworkers' -- other way around."

ABC chief Kim Godwin is said to have done an extensive investigation in which she met with everyone connected to the show, including talent and the staff. Over and over it was indicated that Meghan was the source of the in-fighting. At one point, Godwin had to host an emergency Zoom meeting to deal with the problem.

The fights that ultimately made it to air are documented, but those working with the show tag Meghan as the instigator, more often than not. When she wasn't, her bitterness perpetuated around it, keeping the conflict going.

"As for her departure ... our sources didn't have details on the negotiations behind the exit, but we're told the bottom line is it wasn't simply her decision after hitting a breaking point. The network was ready to move on too," said TMZ.

ABC felt that James Goldston didn't fire McCain earlier because he was terrified of conservative backlash.

Now that she's gone, however, the tone of the show has changed completely, said the report, noting that it can even be seen on air.

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