Acosta says Marjorie Greene's 'brain is broken' — while colleague proclaims 'the GOP incubated' this 'cancer'
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Capture)

CNN host Jim Acosta didn't hold back when talking about Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene on Sunday.

Speaking to John Avlon and Margaret Hoover, Acosta noted that Greene has lashed out at school shooting survivors, Jewish space lasers, and mask mandates being similar to sending Jews off to die in concentration camps. "I think her brain is broken."

"I don't think there's any other conclusion you could derive," said Avlon. "But I think the concern here GOP recognizing that they have incubated this particular flavor of crazy and a refusal to clearly condemn it, from the leadership. So, Liz Cheney denouncing the big lie is something that gets you kicked out of leadership but they're afraid to alienate the Crazy Caucus by clearly condemning completely absurd and frankly evil holocaust metaphors about mask mandates during a pandemic and the murder of 6 million [Jews]."

Hoover noted that what she's heard from Republicans like Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Cheney are fighting behind the scenes are conspiracy theories that have overtaken the Republican Party and the conservative base.

"It's needly to say that it's a cancer on the party, but it's awful for our democracy when one party is overtaking, especially a party devoid of the center-right, a stabilizing force. You don't have a leadership that is willing to stand up to it. and this is very, very concerning," said Hoover.

Acosta then noted that Greene has hooked up with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has been linked to a child sex-trafficker who could bring him down.

"I thought a lot of other people thought that the appetite for this kind of rhetoric would wane a little bit, fade a little bit after Donald Trump moved off to Mar-a-Lago. Not the case. You can put them up there to draw a crowd talking this crazy stuff," said Acosta.

"It draws crowds and the party — the leadership needs to take responsibility," said Avlon. "They believe it will gain politically and where the cynicism is dangerous to the democracy, right? They are willing to pump up the conspiracies and indulge this insanity, this belief to help them politically but that bargain is not going to end well for anybody. That Faustian bargain is not going to end well for anybody, not for the Republican Party and not for our republic."

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