Those who vote to acquit Trump don't stand for democracy: Presidential historian
John Flannery -- screenshot

Speaking to MSNBC host Ari Melber after the impeachment opener, presidential historian John Flannery said that anyone who votes to acquit former President Donald Trump is in support of autocracy over democracy.

Flannery detailed the ways in which Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) detailed the case logically, constitutionally and emotionally.

"So, we've been in these hallways when there weren't crowds charging down there willing to hurt or kill or worse, take over the government," Flannery explained. "And he brought it home to his family and how anybody could hear that and not personalize it for how terrible the offense. And any senator who would vote to acquit would allay himself with the notion of an autocracy, not a democracy. It is impossible, in my mind, for any responsible public office holder to vote for acquittal and not to be against our basic form of government. And that's the thing that kept coming [up]."

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if you don't acquit -- you're unfit