'It ought to shock Americans': Adam Schiff lays out 'dire threat' Capitol riot committee trying to expose
Adam Schiff on MSNBC (screengrab)

In an interview on Wednesday with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) outlined the House Committee on January 6th's interest in former Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark — a key figure in the effort to help Trump overturn the 2020 election.

"I know you have also just subpoenaed Jeffrey Clark," said Blitzer. "Do you expect him to cooperate?"

"Very hard to say," said Schiff. "We subpoenaed him because we couldn't get voluntary cooperation, and we were tired of waiting. And at the end of the day, we're going to move, and we're going to move fast to make sure that we get this information with the American people, and if we don't, and if they don't show up and don't cooperate, we will vote to hold them in criminal contempt in the House. We'll refer that to the Justice Department and expect them to be prosecuted."

"Would you like both of these former Justice Department officials, Rosen and Clark, to testify publicly?" asked Blitzer.

"I think there will come a time that we will want many of these witnesses, perhaps not all of them, but many, to testify publicly so that the public can hear them directly, evaluate their credibility," said Schiff. "But also, we cannot acclimate ourselves to what's gone on in the last four years. It ought to shock Americans what they already know, because the Senate findings are already public, and that is that Clark and others tried to subvert the election, tried to use the power of the Justice Department that is meant to represent the interests of justice to overturn the election, to make claims of false investigations into nonexistent fraud, to try to get Georgia to appoint a new set of electors based on a completely fraudulent effort to overturn the election."

He also said the committee would zero in on Trump's efforts to use the DOJ to throw out Biden's victory.

"The subversion of that department was such a dire threat to our democracy, the public really needs to hear from this, these witnesses," added Schiff. "I think ultimately publicly, but be aware of how dangerous the situation was."

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