Adam Schiff: Jan. 6 committee's criminal referrals will focus on more than just Trump
Adam Schiff on MSNBC (screengrab)

Speaking to MSNBC's Chris Hayes this Friday, Congressman Adam Schiff said that the House committee investigation the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is weighing criminal referrals not for Donald Trump alone, but for some of his associates.

"We've looked at the evidence ... we're not confining our examination just to [Trump] or anyone else, and we'll be making our findings known very soon," Schiff said.

According to Schiff, the Jan. 6 committee worked "way out ahead of the Justice Department in the Investigation for a long time."

"We have an independent responsibility no matter what the Justice Department may do" Schiff said, adding that the committee will reveal "what form that takes very soon."

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Schiff went on to say that the appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith was a good thing, adding that the only concern he had was whether the appointment would "delay things."

"It certainly appears from the subpoenas that have gone out, even in the short time since he was appointed, that no time has been lost."

Watch the full interview over at MSNBC.