Judge rejects plea deal for Ahmaud Arbery's murderers
Travis McMichael and Ahmaud Arbery

A federal judge has denied the plea deal of Travis and Greg McMichael, two of three men who are being charged with federal hate crimes charges after chasing down and shooting Ahmaud Arbery.

The men have already been found guilty of murder, but the federal government wanted to add a hate crime to the sentencing.

“It is my decision to reject the plea agreement,” U.S. District Judge Lisa Wood said on Monday. “In this case it is appropriate to hear at sentencing from all concerned, including the victim’s family, before deciding on what punishment best promotes all of the factors set forth in our federal sentencing statute.”

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She went on to explain that she wasn't “comfortable accepting the terms of the plea agreement” after multiple objections from the Arbery family.

The court went into recess so the two men could confer with their lawyer on the next steps.