Donald Trump wants to "burn it all down" as he is fixated on multiple investigations into his company and the Jan. 6 efforts to overturn the 2020 election, a Pulitzer Prize-winning CNN political analyst explained on Monday.

"We begin this hour with the former president, his weekend of lies and reckless promises and the debate between Republicans who adore him and Republicans who abhor him," CNN's John King said. "At a Texas rally, Donald Trump talked of a comeback. His list included talk of pardoning those convicted of attacking the Capitol and the country on Jan. 6th last year. Then last night, Trump issued a statement the Jan. 6th committee will take as a confession, the former president says it is unfortunate that Mike Pence didn't overturn the 2020 election."

For analysis, King interviewed New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

"You tweeted last night that Trump was saying the quiet out loud when he issued this statement," King said. "But what did that tell you about Donald Trump's mindset and thinking at this juncture?"

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"He's in, John, burn it all down mode and has been for some time," Haberman replied.

"It raises questions for me, candidly, about the vetting process around these statements going out because that was a jarring statement, I think not just for the Jan. 6th committee, but probably for lawyers involved in the civil suits against Donald Trump related to the riot of the Capitol on Jan. 6th," she warned.

"So you take all of that together and you see the portrait of somebody who really doesn't care anymore and wants to put it all on his terms and who knows he can keep pushing the bounds and there basically so far — other than losing the election, which is not nothing, but other than losing the election — there haven't been that many penalties," she explained.


Trump ‘doesn’t care anymore’ and is in ‘burn it all down mode’: Maggie Haberman