Alabama GOP chair's family refused to get voter IDs because they are 'Mark of the Beast': deposition

On Tuesday, writing for, editorial columnist Kyle Whitmire revealed the reason the family of the chairman of the Republican Party of Alabama refused to comply with the state's voter ID laws.

The report comes after it was reported earlier this month that a poll worker was fired after asking Alabama GOP Chair John Wahl and his family to present ID, which they refused to do.

"In 2015, John Wahl’s oldest brother, Joshua, approached the NAACP which was fighting the photo ID law in court, and in February of 2016, he sat for a deposition, giving sworn testimony under oath about how the law had affected his family," wrote Whitmire. "That deposition and other records in the court file show that the Wahls have struggled for years to vote in Limestone County going back to 2014, the year voter ID became law in Alabama. John Wahl said that he knew his brother took part in a deposition but that was the extent of what he knew."

As it turns out, his family claimed religious objections — specifically, by alleging they believed that certain types of new government-issued identifications are Satanic.

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"When asked by lawyers for the state, his brother Joshua said only that they were Christians, although he recognized that his beliefs were different from others. His objection to voter ID, Joshua Wahl said, was that he believed all biometric identification, including photos that could be used for facial recognition programs, to be the mark of the beast foretold in Revelation," said the report. “'In particular, I object to the biometric nature of IDs in Alabama which started pursuant to the REAL ID Act,' Joshua Wahl testified. 'And there’s a passage in Revelations 12 where it says that the forthcoming mark of the beast will be a number of a man. Biometrics by its nature is a number of a man. You know, that’s what makes me uncomfortable, and that goes against my convictions.'"