Alabama poll worker insisted state GOP chair show a proper voter ID — and was fired shortly after: report
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An Alabama man who volunteered as a poll worker in his community was fired shortly after he asked Alabama State Republican Party Chairman John Wahl and his family to present proper identification before voting.'s Kyle Whitmire reports that Clyde Martin, a retired TVA supervisor at a nuclear power plant, tried to get Wahl and his family to present their identifications when they came to the polls to vote, as is required by Alabama state law.

The family refused and Martin was relieved of his duties shortly afterward.

In an interview, Wahl explained to Whitmire that his family had a religious exemption on having to show a photo ID as a prerequisite for voting.

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“Amish, Mennonites, and other Anabaptists are well known for their concerns about pictures or the way pictures are used,” Wahl told Whitmire. “They are definitely not normal in our modern culture, but they shouldn’t be attacked or discriminated against for choosing a different lifestyle.”

Despite this, notes Whitmire, Wahl regularly posts his own photos on social media, including at least one photo of himself shortly after he voted.

Martin tells Whitmire that he was made aware that Wahl and his family did not need to show ID before voting, although this did not sit well with him, as he believed the law should apply equally to everyone.

Martin also says that while Wahl did present a form of identification when asked, it was not the state-issued photo drivers license that the law requires.

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"Instead, John Wahl produced a badge from the Alabama State Auditor’s office designating him a 'regional press secretary,'" writes Whitmire. "Wahl says he didn’t have his drivers license because he left his wallet behind, but had the badge in his laptop bag, so he used it, instead."

Martin accepted this identification this time, but he later informed Wahl that he and his family would have to present photo identifications in future elections just like everyone else.

It was shortly after this that he was dismissed as a poll worker.

Read the entire report at this link.

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