Alabama guard at center of escape scandal may have been ‘brainwashed’ — and wanted to move to Florida: report
This combination of pictures shows Alabama prison officer Vicki White (L) and a mugshot of Casey White, who are unrelated, and are sought by law enforcement who say the corrections officer participated in Casey White's escape. (AFP)

Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Corrections Vicky Sue White had amassed a sizable amount of money before she disappeared with inmate Casey Cole White (no relation), who had been sentenced to 75-years in prison and was awaiting a separate trial after he allegedly confessed to stabbing a woman to death.

Her mother-in-law, Frances White, told The Daily Beast that her daughter "may have been brainwashed."

“She had said that she’d like to live in Florida, that’s the only thing I can think of,” she explained.

Her son Thomas died from complications related to Parkinson’s disease in January.

“I’m just proud he wasn’t still alive, cause he still thought she was a good person,” she said. “I can’t imagine her running off with that guy, but you never know. He walked into a woman’s house and stabbed her.”

She thinks her daughter-in-law has plenty of cash and sold her home five weeks ago.

“She had money before she sold her home,” she explained. “She saved her money. I figure if she’s still got her money, she’s still got enough to live on for a while.”

WAAY-TV has also reported that Vicky White had a large amount of cash. Watch their report below or at this link:

Vicky White sold house days before disappearing with murder suspect

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