Alan Dershowitz and 'Stop the Steal' lawyer file new lawsuit calling Mike Lindell a 'victim' of Dominion
Alan Dershowitz appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Alan Dershowitz is teaming up with top MAGA lawyer Kurt Olsen to file a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems on behalf of eight poll challengers in Michigan who claim to have been harmed by the voting technology firm.

The Daily Beast reports that the lawsuit claims that the poll challengers were damaged by Dominion when the company sent them cease and desist letters.

"Each of the plaintiffs say they filled out affidavits with concerns about the voting process in November 2020 and that none of them mentioned Dominion," explains the Daily Beast. "Nonetheless, the challengers say they still received cease and desist letters."

Interestingly, the poll challengers say that they've been grievously harmed by Dominion despite the fact that the company took no further action against them.

"The poll challengers argue they were nonetheless 'clearly damaged' by the letters and describe themselves as 'consumed with a sense of fear' and, as one litigant Kathleen Daavettila claimed, 'in fear of her life and that of her unborn child' as a result of receiving one," writes the Daily Beast.

Even though MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is not party to the lawsuit, he is mentioned in documents as another purported "victim" of the company.

Dominion is suing Lindell for his false claims that the company teamed with the Chinese Communist Party and dead Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to steal the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump.