'It's got to stop': Former Bush AG slams Arizona GOP's crackpot vote 'audit'
Alberto Gonzales speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Alberto Gonzales, a former attorney general under President George W. Bush, shredded Arizona Republicans for pursuing an audit of the 2020 election that includes trying to detect nefarious Chinese influence by searching for bamboo-based ballots.

Appearing on CNN Friday, Gonzales told host John Berman that his party needed to stop trying to relitigate the 2020 election, which former President Donald Trump decisively lost to President Joe Biden.

"At some point it has to stop," he said. "Again, there have been countless recounts, multiple challenges, over 60 challenges in our courts, multiple statements, confirmations by Republican state officials at the highest level about the integrity of the elections within their respective states. It's got to stop, John."

Berman also asked Gonzales what he made of Trump supporters' desperate search for bamboo ballots.

"It sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it?" he laughed. "Again, people can say anything they want. I guess we can do investigations day after day after day after day, hoping to find something."

The Arizona "audit," which is taking place with Trump's enthusiastic support, is being conducted by partisan operatives, including one man who participated in the January 6th MAGA riots at the United States Capitol building.

Watch the video below.

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