Former Bush AG: I 'worry' people like me would be unelectable in the modern GOP
Alberto Gonzales speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On CNN Wednesday, former George W. Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that he "worries" about the future of the GOP — and even whether someone like himself would be capable of winning an election in it.

"I do want to ask you one final thing," said anchor John Berman. "The Oregon Republican Party passed a resolution calling the invasion of the U.S. capitol a false flag, saying it was fake somehow to make Donald Trump look bad. And that's a state party passing that resolution. I've heard you talk about this before. You were elected, finally, for a second, just before you ended up joining the Bush administration, statewide in Texas. Do you think that you could be elected right now as a Republican or win a Republican primary right now in the state of Texas?"

"You know, John, I would worry about that, quite frankly," said Gonzales. "And I sometimes have wondered to myself whether someone like George W. Bush could be elected statewide, if he had a different last name. Based solely upon his principles and his policies, could someone like George W. Bush be elected in Texas? I would like to think he would, irrespective of what his last name is. But I do worry about that."

Watch below: