Alex Jones suffered 'burning to his eyes' after his wife hit him with shampoo bottle: police docs
Conservative radio host Alex Jones on Nov. 14, 2014. [YouTube]

New details emerged on Monday about the domestic violence that InfoWars host Alex Jones allegedly suffered last week at the hands of his wife.

The Daily Beast has obtained a police report about the incident in which Jones said that his wife, Erika Wulff Jones, struck him over 20 times and caused him to fear for his life.

The police report states Jones said his wife struck him at least once with a bottle of shampoo, which police say caused "burning to his eyes."

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Additionally, Jones said his wife attempted to strike him with a large stone ball as he tried fleeing her.

Erika Wulff Jones disputed Jones's claims, but was nonetheless arrested and charged with allegedly assaulted her husband and for resisting arrest.

"A second police affidavit reviewed by The Daily Beast claimed that Erika was adamant about not going to jail and at one point broke free of handcuffs and began 'swing[ing] her fists and kicking' police officers [who] called for backup, while 'striking at least one," the publication writes.