Alex Jones faces ‘deepening interest’ from Jan. 6 panel with subpoena of bodyguard's records
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. (Screenshot/Rumble)

The House Select Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection reportedly is showing a "deepening interest" in conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' role on Jan. 6.

"In a court filing late Tuesday, Jones revealed that Timothy Enlow, a security official employed by Jones’ firm Free Speech Systems LLC, was notified by AT&T on Feb. 9 that the select committee had subpoenaed his phone records," according to Politico. "Enlow, who has worked for Jones since 2018, accompanied Jones in Washington on Jan. 6, when Jones marched from the Ellipse — where Trump held a rally calling for the election results not to be certified — to the Capitol. One of Jones’ other associates, Owen Shroyer, was charged for his conduct outside the Capitol."

The InfoWars host responded to the subpoena of Enlow's phone records by seeking to add the security guard to Jones' existing lawsuit against the Jan. 6 committee, according to the report. After suing the committee in December to block a subpoena for his testimony, Jones appeared before the panel in January, but pleaded the Fifth to the bulk of questions.

"Frustrated by Jones’ efforts to protect his constitutional rights, the Defendants employed a tactic that they have used throughout the Select Committee’s proceedings," Jones' attorney Norman Pattis wrote in the filing. "They issued a subpoena for the communications of one of Jones’ employees, Tim Enlow, who they assumed was less financially able to defend himself against the subpoena. The purpose of this subpoena was to obtain, by third-party disclosure, the communications that Jones had refused to produce to the Select Committee and sought this Court’s intervention to protect his constitutional rights. ... Jones and Enlow claim that the subpoena issued to obtain Enlow’s communications was merely a back door to obtain Jones’ communications in the face of pending litigation seeking to protect those communications from the Defendants’ eyes."

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