'Stop seeing Spiderman!' SNL's Joe Biden explains how Americans can end the pandemic

President Joe Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, delivered a message about COVID-19 in Saturday Night Live's Cold Open on Saturday.

"As I keep saying every chance I get, we're in the middle of a cold, dark winter. This winter is so dark Republicans don't think it should vote," Johnson's Biden said.

"This virus has disrupted our lives," he added. "It's canceled holidays, weddings, quinceañeras, gender-reveal parties, wildfires that started as gender-reveal parties, and whatever the hell is happening with Novak Djokovic."

"I know you're retired of getting emails from your kid's school late at night saying, 'OK, come in tomorrow, we're feeling lucky,'" he said. "I know every time a stranger breathes on you, you think, 'That's it, I'm dead.'

"America, I'm here to tell you, there's one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away: Stop seeing 'Spiderman'!"

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Trump brags about Jan. 6 crowd size: 'I think it was the largest I've ever spoken before'

Former president Donald Trump on Saturday complained that the "fake news" media never reports on the size of the crowd at his Jan. 6 "Stop the Steal" rally prior to the Capitol insurrection.

"They talk about the people that walked down to the Capitol," Trump told the crowd at his MAGA rally in Arizona. "They don't talk about the size of that crowd. I believe it was the largest crowd I've ever spoken before, and they were there to protest the election."

Trump also promoted a false-flag conspiracy theory that the FBI — which he indirectly controlled at the time through the executive branch — was somehow behind the insurrection.

"Exactly how many of those present at the Capitol complex on Jan. 6 were FBI confidential informants, agents, or otherwise working directly or indirectly with an agency of the United States government?" Trump said.

"How about the one guy (who said) 'go in, go in, get in there everybody' — Epps — 'get in there, go, go, go,'" Trump said, referring to Jan. 6 protester Ray Epps.

This week, the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection debunked the conspiracy theory about Epps, which has been pushed by others including Fox News' Tucker Carlson, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

"Nothing happens to him," Trump said of Epps. "What happened with him? Nothing happens. Did any of these individuals play any role whatsoever in facilitating the events at the Capitol? That's what we want to know."

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WATCH: Trump rally crowd chants ‘lock him up’ as Dr. Fauci becomes ‘the new Hillary Clinton’

The crowd at former president Donald Trump's rally in Arizona on Saturday repeatedly chanted "lock him up" when speakers, including Trump himself, mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci's name.

Some speakers also spewed dangerous rhetoric about Fauci, including Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

"When we’re back in the majority, I’ll get to see Anthony Fauci and ask him some important questions because that man has been a destroyer," Biggs said of Fauci. After the crowd chanted "lock him up," Biggs added: "Let’s see what happens to Dr. Fauci."

Another speaker, Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, told the crowd: "I want to lock somebody down, and it's that liar Dr. Fauci."

After the crowd chanted "lock him up," Lake called Fauci "bad news" and said she also wants to imprison "anybody who was involved in that corrupt shady, shoddy election of 2020. Lock them up."

The crowd also erupted into a "lock him up" chant during Trump's speech, after the former president said Fauci is "like the king."

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Mike Lindell tells MAGA rally there will be 'no computers or machines' used in 2022 elections

Speaking at Donald Trump's rally in Arizona on Saturday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed no computers or voting machines will be used in 2022 midterm elections.

Lindell told the crowd that things have actually gotten better for Trump supporters who believe the 2020 election was stolen during the last year.

"The reason I say that is because everybody now is out there with no fear, and we all know what happened, and it's all going to get corrected, and it's been on God's timing, not our timing, and I will promise you this: There's not going to be any election done with any machines or any computers in 2022," Lindell said.

In an interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network after his speech, Lindell claimed he's preparing to launch "a replacement for the machines," which he called "paper on steroids."

"It’s the most awesome paper you've ever seen," he said. "You can’t copy it. It’s better than money."

Lindell is currently facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems over his false claims about the 2020 election. He has for months been promising a Supreme Court lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election results, but the complaint has never materialized.

Asked about the lawsuit on Saturday, Lindell said "it's coming," blaming the delay on state attorneys general who've "made changes."

Speaking at the rally, Lindell also claimed the media has "all of a sudden" been attacking him again "a year later."

"It's risen to a new level. You know why? Because all these great things are coming out," Lindell said, before referring to the Maricopa County election audit, which actually affirmed president Joe Biden's victory. "So they want to deflect. It's called election deflection."

Lindell also complained about DirecTV's decision to drop the pro-Trump One America News Network. But he said the real problem is conservative media.

"The biggest problem we face is not the fake news media, we're all on to them," Lindell said. "It's the conservative media, the ones that don't talk. One of them rhymes with Fox. They're disgusting. They won't talk about anything. When was the last time you saw anyone on Fox talk about the 2020 election?"

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Trump rally-goers push conspiracies: Gov. Newsom is a ‘clone’ — and vaccines are ‘aborted children’

Attendees at Donald Trump's rally in Arizona are pushing some wild conspiracy theories, according to clips from the MAGA outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network.

In one clip, a rally-goer explains that California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is "a clone."

"He's a puppet for the left," the reporter from Right Side Broadcasting Network responds.

"Well he's a different level," the man says. "The real Gov. Newsom has had his military tribunal at GITMO and he's been executed."

"There you go. Thank you for your time," the reporter responds.

In another clip, a man tells Right Side Broadcasting Network: "It's my persuasion that it's clearly the apocalypse, and that the vaccine is made of aborted children. ... So it's literally the mark of the beast, and a lot of people aren't talking about it."

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WATCH: Biden supporter arrested at Trump rally for being 'disruptive' and 'heckling' right-wing reporter

An apparent supporter of President Joe Biden was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by sheriff's deputies at Donald Trump's MAGA rally in Arizona on Saturday.

In a clip from Right Side Broadcasting Network, the MAGA outlet covering the rally, a reporter is shown interrupting an interview he was doing about "Trump coins" to cover the woman's arrest.

"They're actually kicking out the girl, that protester that earlier came by and heckled us," the reporter said, before racing over to the scene.

"This right here!" the reporter said, pointing dramatically at the woman while standing next to her lying face first on the ground beneath two deputies. "This right here is what happens when you come and you become disruptive!"

"I saw exactly what she was doing," the reporter added. "And of course this is what she wants in a way."

As the deputies led the woman away, people in the crowd could be heard yelling "Let's go, Brandon" and "Get out of here, communist!"

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'No evidence' DOJ is investigating Trump for Capitol riot or election coup: WaPo report

The Department of Justice does not appear to be investigating former president Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol insurrection or for related pressure campaigns to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the Washington Post reported Saturday.

FBI agents "have not, for example, sought to interview or gather materials from some of Trump’s most loyal lieutenants about their strategy sessions at the Willard hotel on how to overturn the results of the 2020 election, according to participants in those meetings or their representatives," the newspaper reported.

"The department has not reached out to the Georgia secretary of state’s office about Trump urging its leader to 'find' enough votes to reverse his defeat, a person familiar with the office said, even as a local district attorney investigates that matter," according to the Post. "The Trump campaign has not received requests for documents or interviews from the FBI or Justice Department related to Jan. 6 or the effort to overturn the election results, and federal prosecutors have not sought to interview those with knowledge of Trump’s consideration of a plan to install an attorney general more amenable to his unfounded claims of massive voter fraud, according to people familiar with the matter."

Although Attorney General Merrick Garland recently vowed to hold everyone involved in the insurrection accountable, legal scholars, Democratic lawmakers and others have accused the AG of being too cautious.

Those who told the Post they have not been contacted by the FBI or DOJ thus far include at least at least 11 former Trump campaign and White House aides — seven of whom have been in contact with House Select Committee investigating the insurrection. A "Stop the Steal" rally organizer who spent six hours testifying before the select committee also said she has not received any requests from the DOJ or FBI. Former Vice President Mike Pence's office also has not received any requests, according to an aide.

Ditto for former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was at the Willard hotel "command center," and Trump DOJ lawyer John Eastman, the author of a so-called coup memo, the Post reported.

DOJ officials have debated from the outset how to proceed with the investigation, according to the newspaper.

"At first, according to people familiar with the matter, a few prosecutors in the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office wanted to use subpoenas and search warrants to go after records of some rally organizers or speakers," the Post reported. "But the FBI, Justice Department officials and Michael R. Sherwin — who was appointed as the D.C. U.S. attorney during the Trump administration and continued to lead the probe after stepping down from that post — resisted the idea, arguing that they would be trampling on demonstrators’ First Amendment rights, the people said."

It's still possible that the DOJ is conducting an investigation of Trump in secret. And even if it's not, that doesn't mean it never will, the newspaper noted.

"Stanley Brand, a former U.S. House counsel who now represents some Jan. 6 witnesses and defendants, said the approach is standard," according to the Post.

“Like all Department of Justice investigations, they begin at the lower rungs,” Brand said. “But the difference here is the lower rungs are as wide as the ocean, and there’s no evidence yet of them investigating much above that.”

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Synagogue attacker claims to be brother of terrorist 'Lady al Qaeda' — demands she be freed: report

An armed suspect who took four people hostage inside a Texas synagogue on Saturday reportedly claims to be the brother of a convicted terrorist, and is demanding that she be freed.

"A U.S. official briefed on the matter told ABC News the hostage-taker is claiming to be the brother of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, but authorities have not yet confirmed his identity," ABC News reports. "Siddiqui is incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base near Fort Worth, according to the source. She had alleged ties to al-Qaida and was convicted of assault and attempted murder of a U.S. soldier in 2010 and sentenced to 86 years in prison."

Seamus Hughes, a former Senate counterterrorism adviser, wrote Saturday on Twitter that "the imprisonment of Aafia Siddiqui plays an outsized role in jihadi folklore. Particularly American homegrown jihadis."

In a 2014 profile of Siddiqui, Foreign Policy Magazine dubbed her "Lady al Qaeda."

Groups including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) organized a series of protest last year demanding that Siddiqui be freed, according to an October report from Al Jazeera.

Dan Williams, a senior correspondent for Reuters in Jerusalem, cautioned that if the suspect referred to Siddiqui as his sister, it "may have been an expression of ideological kinship rather than blood-relation."

The man claiming to be Siddiqui's brother reportedly was holding a rabbi and three others hostage on Saturday afternoon at Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.

"The congregation was holding a scheduled Sabbath service at 10 a.m. on Saturday, which was being livestreamed on its Facebook page," the New York Times reported. "On the livestream, a man could be heard shouting about dying and not liking police officers, although the context was not clear because the stream was inaudible at times. A video of the livestream did not show what was going on inside the synagogue. The man could also be heard asking to get his sister on the phone before the livestream stopped.

According to CNN, as of 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, an FBI crisis negotiator was still in contact with the suspect.

You can watch a livestream here.

‘You're all over the map!’ Fox News’ Sean Hannity gets schooled by an economist on his own show

Fox News' Sean Hannity was no match for economist Austin Goolsbee on Friday night.

Hannity repeatedly tried to attack president Joe Biden over energy production and gas prices, only to be fact-checked by Goolsbee, a professor at the University of Chicago.

"He inherited energy independence, and we were a net exporter of energy, and now he's begging OPEC," Hannity said of Biden at the beginning of the clip.

"He inherited an economic downturn bordering on catastrophe and in times like that, the price of oil tends to go way down, that's for sure," Goolsbee responded.

"We need to focus," Hannity said. "Did he or did he not inherit — well, three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies — did he also inherit that we were a net exporter of energy, and did he cut energy production by 40 percent? The answer is yes."

"No, he did not cut energy production by 40 percent," Goolsbee responded. "Energy production fell because we were in an economic catastrophe — (a) catastrophic downturn."

"No, he fired Keystone XL pipeline workers," Hannity insisted.

"The Keystone pipeline wasn't built yet, Sean," Goolsbee said flatly. "That had no effect on energy production."

"Then why is he begging OPEC?" Hannity said of Biden. "Donald Trump didn't beg OPEC. Why is he begging OPEC?"

"He's not begging OPEC," Goolsbee said. "He convinced OPEC, and OPEC is increasing their production."

"They keep rejecting him," Hannity claimed.

"They didn't reject him. They said they're increasing production," Goolsbee said. "Why are you complaining about that, Sean? You're all over the map here. You were saying you didn't like to pay high gas prices. I told you gas prices went down and Biden convinced OPEC to increase production, and then you said, 'Why is he asking them to increase production?'"

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Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend is a ‘potential goldmine’ for prosecutors — here’s why

Diabolical, but brilliant.

That's how MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos is describing federal prosecutors' decision to target Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend as they investigate whether the Florida GOP congressman sex-trafficked a minor.

Earlier this week, NBC News reported that Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testified before a grand jury as part of a possible immunity deal in the case, calling it "a major development that suggests the Department of Justice may be moving closer to indicting him."

On Friday, Cevallos wrote that while we don't know details about the testimony of Gaetz's ex-girlfriend, "we do know ... that if the target of a federal investigation is going to be romantically involved, prosecutors would prefer it be with a girlfriend rather than a wife."

"And they’d always prefer to deal with an ex-girlfriend than a current girlfriend," Cevallos wrote.

He explained that federal courts recognize two important marital privileges.

"Either spouse may assert the confidential marital communications privilege to prevent the other one from testifying about private discussions they have during the marriage," Cevallos wrote. "Additionally, the spousal testimonial privilege permits one spouse to refuse to testify against the other during the marriage."

But the privileges — which have their roots in "medieval" views that didn't recognize women as separate entities from their husbands — don't apply to girlfriends.

"It doesn’t matter if the girlfriend has lived with the boyfriend for years," Cevallos wrote. "It doesn’t matter if they have kids together. A girlfriend is not a wife — but she is a potential gold mine for prosecutors."

According to Cevallos, the only thing prosecutors like more than a cooperating girlfriend is a cooperating ex-girlfriend — but that preference is based on "human nature" and not "rules of evidence."

"An ex-girlfriend usually ex-likes the ex-boyfriend being investigated," he wrote. "Even better for the investigators, sometimes the ex-girlfriend hates the ex-boyfriend with a seething passion. It’s a lot easier for a witness to incriminate someone if they already hate their guts."

‘I’m here, Mom!’ MAGA rioter who dressed like Book of Mormon figure pleads guilty

A week before the Capitol insurrection, Nathan Wayne Entrekin wrote on Twitter: “Hey Patriots! Captain Moroni is coming to DC on Jan 6. Yay!”

On Jan. 6, Entrekin spent 13 minutes inside the Capitol dressed as Captain Moroni, a figure from the Book of Mormon, according to federal prosecutors.

"Entrekin wore a gladiator costume, complete with red cape, black studded bands and a gold headband," the Arizona Republic reports. "Though the costume exposed his legs, Entrekin’s denim shorts could be seen underneath."

On Friday, Entrekin pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol.

READ MORE: MAGA lawmakers likely ‘alarmed’ by Oath Keepers indictment as Jan. 6 probe ‘goes up the ladder’: MSNBC analyst

While inside he building, Entrekin reportedly joined chants of "U-S-A" and "our house," took photos and recorded video.

"In some of those videos, Entrekin narrated his actions at the U.S. Capitol, at times addressing his mother, the apparent intended audience," the Arizona Republic reports.

“I’m here, Mom!” Entrekin said in one video.

In addition to his Moroni costume, Entrekin carried a pole with a white banner attached to it that read: “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.”

"That slogan, prosecutors said, was the battle cry of Captain Moroni," the newspaper reports. "In the Book of Mormon, prosecutors said, Moroni and his followers executed anyone who did not believe in that phrase nor prize democracy over tyranny."

Entrekin, who told a federal judge Friday that he has a master's degree, is scheduled to be sentenced on April 22. He faces up to six months in prison.

MAGA lawmakers likely ‘alarmed’ by Oath Keepers indictment as Jan. 6 probe ‘goes up the ladder’: MSNBC analyst

Some Republican members of Congress undoubtedly were alarmed by Thursday's indictment of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, because it signals that the Department of Justice's Jan. 6 probe won't end with the "schmoes" who stormed the Capitol, according to former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt.

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday, the Lincoln Project co-founder was asked by host Nicolle Wallace why he thinks Fox News "feels compelled to defend seditious insurrection."

"The reason they're doing it I think is the most obvious one — for money," Schmidt responded. "There is a billion-dollar audience that's out there that can now be more easily imprisoned intellectually, algorithmically, where they are consigned to these information silos, where a community forms."

READ MORE: 'Hanging his own clients': George Conway buries Oath Keepers' attorney over train wreck CNN interview

Schmidt added that, especially during the pandemic, many Americans became lonely and began searching for a sense of community.

"What spews forth from Fox New trickles down to the Facebook posts and the chat rooms, and to the level where this fills people's feeds within their groups, and they have a community who have opted out of reality," he said. "And the people who are responsible for it aren't the victims of misinformation. It's the people who are peddling the lies and the BS."

But that is precisely what's so significant about the Oath Keepers indictment and the ongoing investigations of the Capitol insurrection, according to Schmidt.

"In American society over the last 20 years, in a way that has destabilized American democracy, all of the accountability we have seen has been inflicted at the bottom rung of the ladder," he said. "A great example of this is the economic crisis in 2009. Tens of millions of families lost their homes, lost their mortgages. What Wall Street banker went to jail? The answer is none of them."

"So what we see in this prosecution is that no, it's not going to just be the schmo who invaded the Capitol and did whatever desecration," he added. "It's going to be the leaders of the paramilitary movement, it's going to be the leaders of the extremist movement, that this is going to go up the ladder, and that's a rare change in American society and culture over the last 20 years, and no doubt one that is alarming to a lot of members of Congress and other people who think their positions of power immunize them from accountability, even when it's the most grievous sins you can commit against the republic."

Watch below.

MSNBC 01 14 2022 16 34 44 www.youtube.com

WATCH: Florida cop chokes female colleague who tried to de-escalate Black man's arrest

A police sergeant in Florida has been placed on desk duty after video showed him assaulting a fellow officer who was trying to de-escalate a Black man's arrest.

The body cam video shows Sunrise police Sgt. Christopher Pullease threatening the suspect with pepper spray, and engaging in a verbal altercation with him, after he'd already been taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol car.

After a 28-year-old female officer grabs Pullease by the back of his belt and tries to pull him away, he turns around and briefly puts his hand around her throat, before grabbing her by the vest and pushing her against another patrol car.

Pullease then returns to the patrol car where the suspect is detained, opening and closing the door, before pointing his finger at the female officer and walking away.

READ MORE: Utah GOP donor claims he's not anti-Semitic but only hates 'central banking secret society Jews'

The 46-year-old Pullease, a 21-year veteran of the force, was assigned to desk duty on Nov. 25 after the department launched an internal affairs investigation of the incident.

In an interview with Miami's Channel 7, Sunrise Police Chief Anthony Rosa said Pullease's behavior was "disgusting," adding that "the video speaks for itself.”

Calling Pullease's actions toward the suspect "inappropriate and unprofessional," Rosa commended the female officer, who has been on the force for only two-and-a-half years, for her efforts to de-escalate.

“I’m very proud of this police officer," Rosa said. "She took some definitive action. I can only imagine what she must be feeling. She’s a newer officer, and he’s a very senior sergeant.”

The department muted the audio and blurred the faces of those shown in the video with the exception of Pullease. The officer he assaulted has not been identified.

Asked why Pullease isn't facing criminal charges, Rosa said: “So there’s some details of the investigation that I’ve not disclosed, that I’m unable to disclose right now, and if any of the information that comes up during the investigation rises to a level of criminal behavior or criminal conduct, then we’ll address it appropriately.”

Pullease had been cleared of two previous allegations of excessive force, according to Channel 7.

Vice News notes that most police departments "have a policy that requires officers to intervene if a fellow cop is taking things too far with someone they’re interacting with."

"But the institution is often criticized for not following through," the site reported. "As George Floyd was being murdered, for example, none of the three officers present chose to physically stop officer Derek Chauvin from kneeling on the Black man’s neck for more than nine minutes. This failure to act is the subject of both a federal and state criminal trial scheduled to begin later this year."

Watch the video below.

Michigan Republicans who signed fake Trump electoral certificate could face federal charges: report

Sixteen Michigan Republicans who submitted a certificate falsely claiming that Donald Trump won the state's electoral votes in 2020 are now facing a potential federal investigation.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel revealed Thursday night that after a year-long probe into the matter, her office has opted to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Michigan.

"I will tell you that we've been evaluating charges for nearly a year now based on these activities," Nessel told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. "I will say that under state law, I think clearly you have forgery of a public record, which is a 14-year offense, and election law forgery, which is a five-year offense. But what we have decided to do with the investigation, in light of the fact that of course we have seen ... various different false slates of electors from several different states, in what seems to be a coordinated effort between the Republican parties in various different states, we think this is a matter that is best investigated and potentially prosecuted by the feds."

Nessel added that she hopes the U.S. Department of Justice will become involved and "use the information they already have to better understand exactly what happened that day, so that federal charges can be evaluated."

"We had thought that it was very possible that we would be bringing charges, and we still might," Nessel said. "Of course there's no double jeopardy if you are to bring both state and federal charges for the same offense. But obviously this is part of a much bigger conspiracy, and our hope is that the federal authorities, the Department of Justice and United States Attorney General Merrick Garland will take this in coordination with all of the information they've received, and make an evaluation as to what charges these individuals might face. I mean, I can think of many — forgery of a public record for the purposes of defrauding the United States, or conspiracy to commit an offense to defraud the United States — and there are so many others, but that will be up to the feds to decide."

According to the Detroit News, Nessel's announcement "demonstrated the potential seriousness and ongoing nature of the investigation and could have repercussions throughout state politics, as the 16 Republicans in question, include high-ranking members of the state GOP, like Co-Chairwoman Meshawn Maddock."

"On Dec. 14, 2020, Michigan's 16 presidential electors met inside the state Capitol to officially cast their ballots for Biden. A group of Republicans, including some of the GOP electors, attempted to enter the building, after meeting at party headquarters, but were blocked by the Michigan State Police," the newspaper reported. "According to a Dec. 14, 2020, memorandum, obtained by The Detroit News, Kathy Berden, a Republican national committeewoman from Michigan, sent the GOP electors certificate to the U.S. Senate, the U.S. archivist, Benson's office and Robert Jonker, the chief judge of U.S. District Court for Michigan's Western District. The 16 Michigan Republicans who signed the certificate inaccurately claimed they were the 'duly elected and qualified electors' for Michigan. They also stated that they 'convened and organized' in the state Capitol, which they did not."

Michigan is one of at least five states where Republicans submitted fake electoral certificates declaring Trump the winner, Maddow reported Wednesday night.

Watch Nessel's announcement below.

WATCH: Racist, beer-throwing attack on Long Island train leads to firing of car dealership employees

A viral video showing a racist attack aboard a Long Island Rail Road train has led to the firing of two employees by a Toyota dealership.

The incident reportedly occurred Monday night when an immigrant family, including a 10-year-old, were returning home from a New York Knicks game.

The video appears to show beer being thrown toward the family, before a man can be seen yelling at them, "Look straight! Don't f*cking look at me! I'm going to get arrested tonight!"

After another passenger tells the man that the argument is not worth getting arrested over, he responds, "I know it's not worth it, but these f*cking foreigners ain't taking over my f*cking country!"

Osman Canales, the founder of Long Island Immigrant Student Advocates, posted video of the incident on Facebook on Wednesday.

"The family are pressing charges and they asked for us to share this to expose these people. I am in contact with the family and they really need our support," Canales wrote. "They are very concerned and traumatized by this aggression. They confirmed what happened to them."

According to Canales, the victim said: “Please help me catch this couple that harassed me because I'm an immigrant.They also threw beer at us (my friend also has an accent). My 10-year-old witnessed this. They ruined my son's first basketball game experience. Someone else recorded this but, by the time the officers showed up, they left the station. I'm too nervous to talk right now and the footage is bad. If you hear anything, please let me know so that I can add it to the police report.”

Canales identified the attackers as a boyfriend and girlfriend who worked a Toyota dealership in Huntington, New York, and encouraged people to contact the business.

On Thursday, Empire Toyota of Huntington announced that the two employees had been fired.

"Empire Toyota ownership and management were outraged by the event involving two of its employees this past Monday night on the Long Island Railroad," the dealership wrote on Facebook. "The two employees were suspended when we first heard about this incident, and, as our investigation just concluded, they have been terminated. The heart and soul of our labor force is extremely diverse and we value our employees beyond description. Further, our company’s deep support—financial and in-kind-- of Long Island’s diverse communities is a matter of public record. We can say without hesitation that whatever occurred on that LIRR train is in no way reflective of our company, its ownership, its management team, nor its employees."

Watch the video below.

IN OTHER NEWS: Capitol rioter runs to local media to clear his name after feds unseal criminal complaint against him

Capitol rioter runs to local media to clear name after feds unseal criminal complaint against him www.youtube.com