'All-out war!' Screaming Alex Jones berates viewers for not buying more 'amazing products' from InfoWars store
Alex Jones (Youtube)

InfoWars founder Alex Jones had an angry meltdown this week apparently prompted by his viewers not spending enough money at the InfoWars store.

During a rant on his podcast, Jones declared that unnamed forces are "waging a war against you and your family" through "inflation and collapse."

Jones then pivoted to hawking gear on his online marketplace.

"This is life and death!" he screamed. "So go to InfoWarsStore.com and get amazing products... if you don't support us, you're helping the enemy!"

Jones capped off his rant by declaring, "This is all-out war!"

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In addition to hawking B12 vitamin supplements through InfoWarsStore.com, Jones also encouraged viewers to make a donation to Trump ally Roger Stone's legal defense fund.

Jones in recent months has come under continued financial duress due to lawsuits filed by families of children who were murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 and whom Jones falsely accused of being "crisis actors."

Jones even filed for bankruptcy last month, although a regional Department of Justice trustee in Texas accused Jones of abusing the bankruptcy process to avoid paying what he owed to the Sandy Hook families.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Screaming Alex Jones berates his own viewers for not buying InfoWars products www.youtube.com

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