Watch: Judge scolds Alex Jones' lawyer for 'personal attacks' on attorneys for Sandy Hook parents
YouTube/screen grab

Norm Pattis, an attorney for Alex Jones, was admonished by Judge Barbara N. Bellis on Thursday after he smeared the character of opposing counsel.

During his closing remarks, Pattis complained that he was being maligned because of his representation of Jones.

"No lawyer in Connecticut or anywhere can walk into this courtroom and expect anything but scorn," he said, referring to the plaintiffs' attorneys. "I will be attacked in his rebuttal to me. 'Mr. Pattis that. Mr. Pattis this.' All in an effort to gin you up and get you angry."

"Because it doesn't mean a thing for the plaintiffs' lawyers if it doesn't go ca-ching," Pattis said as a made the sound of a cash register.

Bellis immediately interrupted.

"So I'm going to just stop, Attorney Pattis," the judge said.

"I'll move on," he replied.

"No," Bellis stated. "Stop the clock. I won't use your time for this. Please refrain from any further personal attacks or comments about plaintiffs' lawyers or their law firm. It's highly improper."

"I don't want to hear it again," she warned.

"Yes, judge," Pattis replied, turning to the jury. "I'm not Alex Jones. I don't hold this judge in contempt."

Watch the video below or at this link.