DOJ implicates Alex Jones in potential 'abuse of the bankruptcy system' just before court hearing
Alex Jones (Youtube)

The United States Department of Justice issued a warning on Thursday that InfoWars founder Alex Jones's emergency bankruptcy filing is potentially an "abuse of the bankruptcy system."

As reported by the New York Times' Elizabeth Williamson, a regional DOJ trustee in Texas has filed an objection to Jones's bankruptcy declaration, which it claims may be a sham to avoid paying financial compensation to the families of children who were murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 and whom Jones falsely accused of being "crisis actors."

According to Williamson, the DOJ is asking "why aren't Jones and his company, both defendants in Sandy Hook defamation suits, named as debtors," while also pointing out that Jones asked the bankruptcy court to "approve a paltry 'litigation settlement trust' without any input by the families, nor any view of his finances."

The filing comes one day before Jones's bankruptcy case is scheduled to be heard in court.

Earlier this week, Jones expressed a willingness to talk with federal prosecutors about his knowledge of the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol building, but only on the condition that he be granted immunity from criminal prosecution.

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