Alex Jones' businesses under microscope as paid rep fumbles through trial
InfoWars host Alex Jones marches with protesters at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas. (Mark Felix/AFP)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Lead," reporter Drew Griffin outlined the disastrous day that far-right webcaster Alex Jones experienced in court, as a representative acting on behalf of his InfoWars company proved to have little knowledge of the company or of Jones' own case.

The suit, in Connecticut, is one of multiple legal actions against Jones for his repeated lies on air that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged by the government; he lost another of these cases in Austin, Texas earlier this year and faces tens of millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.

"It was about Jones' business dealings today," said anchor Jake Tapper.

"Yes, certainly not emotional but it was bizarre," said Griffin. "On the stand, Jake, an attorney hired to represent the Alex Jones company testifying, but she didn't seem to know much about the company at all. Brittany Paz was her name. She's not a Jones employee, has never worked there, but was paid by Jones to testify as a representative of his company. She responded 'I don't know' so many times that I lost track, and admitted she hadn't even read some of Jones' own depositions. What she could do, Jake, is provide a backdrop for the victims' attorney to outline the numbers of viewers who heard, saw, or read Alex Jones' lie about Sandy Hook, and they were in the tens of millions."

"Drew, Jones has been doing this conspiracy nonsense and lying about people for decades," said Tapper. "I just saw a clip of 9/11 where he blamed Israel for 9/11. How was this nonsense — how are these lies allowed to continue?"

"You know, he was deplatformed by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in 2018, but that didn't harm him at all," said Griffin. "He has this vast business that exists online. This show is on a website, basically. So he doesn't need advertisers. He has a supplement business. And he just says whatever he wants. Seems to be untouchable except by these lawsuits, and we'll see if that puts a dent in his business structure."

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Drew Griffin on Alex Jones' latest trial