'Collateral damages to freedom': Alex Jones skips trial for segment downplaying Sandy Hook deaths
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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones skipped his defamation trial on Monday and instead hosted a segment downplaying the Sandy Hook massacre deaths as mere "collateral damages to the freedom."

Jones peppered his show with complaints about his two Sandy Hook-related defamation trials.

In the ongoing Texas trial, a jury is being asked to decide how much Jones must pay the Sandy Hook parents after Judge Maya Guerra Gamble entered a default judgment in 2021.

"It's a stacked deck, but that is what our lord and savior faced -- Christ," the radio host said.

Later in the show, Jones asked Joe Brown, a former judge, to weigh in on his legal troubles.

"You know, some of us understand if we're going to be free, there are collateral damages to the freedom," Brown said, referring to the massacre. "They don't like this thing that comes with the Second Amendment because they think they should be safe."

Brown noted that the "collateral consequences" of automobiles are accepted by the general public.

"Well, if you want to be free, there are certain collateral consequences that come with that," he opined, "and one of them is that some unmanly idiot who wants to perp out and shoot up a Sandy Hook school will be able to get ahold of some of the devices that the rest of us need to have access to so we can stay free."

"So we have a struggle here," Brown added, "those who want to be free and those who would rather be safe sheep someplace with the sheepherder telling them what to do."

Jones agreed: "And of course, sheep get slaughtered."

Watch the video below from The Alex Jones Show.

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