Alex Jones has emotional meltdown with screaming fit outside of Connecticut courthouse
YouTube/screen grab

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Wednesday went on an emotional tirade yelling at journalists outside a Connecticut courthouse.

On the second day of his Connecticut trial for defaming victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Jones staged an afternoon press conference just steps from the courthouse.

Throughout the event, Jones attacked the media for negative reports about his case.

"I did say things that were hurtful and not true," he admitted. "As an American, I have a right."

Jones became angry as he berated the media.

"The headlines were 'Jones doesn't show,'" he said of his Tuesday court appearance. "They said we don't want you! I show up yesterday. We don't want you! I show up today! We don't want you!"

"And this guy is going to report I didn't show up today!" Jones screamed while pointing at a reporter. "That's lying! That's corporate fake media and that's shame on you!"

Watch the video clip below.