John Oliver speculates what Alex Jones' text messages said that we didn't know about
John Oliver slams Alex Jones (Photo: Screen capture)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver did a summary of the week of the Alex Jones trial that ultimately ended up making the InfoWars founder the laughingstock of the internet for several days.

Oliver began by highlighting the awkward exchange between Jones and the judge in his case who told Jones that he had to stop chewing gum in her courtroom. Jones made a comment about massaging his gums with his tongue and offered to show the judge the inside of his mouth.

Oliver showed a clip of Jones not long before that, turning away from the judge and popping something in his mouth.

But the pièce de résistance came when the lawyer for the Sandy Hook family revealed that 12 days prior to questioning Jones, he was sent a DropBox link with all of Alex Jones' texts and emails. So, it made it clear that the lawyer knew when Jones was lying because he had the receipts.

After watching the lawyer smackdown Jones, Oliver responded with an aghast, "oh sh*t!"

"First," he continued, "credit to that lawyer for having the super-human patience to sit on those text messages for 12 whole days. Just imagine seeing those records with texts that probably said things like, 'I know Sandy Hook really happened. I'm just a ghoul who wants to make the world suffer and make money doing it.' Followed immediately by one saying, 'Can you make the frogs look gayer in the graphics?' And say to yourself, 'wait, wait, your time will come!'"

The messages also revealed a lot of information about Jones and his life with InfoWars, his finances and even events around Jan. 6.

"But at the very least, this phone could make his life much more difficult and for a while and that's something that we should all be allowed to enjoy," said Oliver. "Because to wake up one morning and find that Alex Jones' lawyers mistakenly shared his cell phone records is a true blessing. We don't deserve this, but one thing's for sure, he does."

See the clip on Jones below at the 36:30 mark. You can also watch at this link.

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