'It's a trap!' Alex Jones threatens to back out of Sandy Hook testimony over jail fears
YouTube/screen grab

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones threatened on Tuesday to back out of testifying in a defamation case brought against him by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

During the third week of the Connecticut trial, Jones held a press conference outside the courthouse.

"I am strongly considering tomorrow when I get put on the stand looking at the judge and saying, 'You've barred me from saying I'm innocent. This isn't a real court, so I take the Fifth Amendment!'" Jones told reporters. "Not because I'm guilty but because she says if I tell the truth, she'll put me in the Waterbury jail for six months! That's what she can do."

"Top lawyers have looked at it and said, 'No, she wants to put you [in jail] if you tell the truth,'" he continued. "Well, I tell this judge and all the rest of the new world order, I am innocent! And you are guilty of tyranny!"

Jones added: "I'm not sure I'll even go on the stand tomorrow because it's a trap! It's a spider's web!"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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