Longtime family friend '99 percent sure' it's Alex Murdaugh's voice in murder scene video
Disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh pleads not guilty to the slayings of his wife and son

A childhood friend of Paul Murdaugh testified that he is "99 percent sure" the voice on a video recorded at the murder scene right around the time of the killings was the voice of South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, as the nationally watched murder trial continues, according to Crime Online on Thursday.

"While on the stand, Rogan Gibson described the Murdaughs as his 'second family' as he has known them since he was 11 or 12. At the time of Maggie and Paul’s slayings, Gibson’s dog was reportedly housed at the Murdaugh’s dog kennels, where the pair were slain," reported Jacqueline Gray. "On the night in question, Gibson said he asked Paul to take a video of his dog in a kennel. Paul reportedly filmed a 56-second video between 8:44 and 8:45 p.m. Prosecutors said that was around the time Maggie and Paul’s phones became inactive because they were dead."

The man speaking in the video is not visible; however, Gibson said he is "99 percent sure" it is Alex's voice, said the report: "The video was never sent to Gibson as prosecutors believe Paul and Maggie were killed three minutes after the footage was taken."

Murdaugh, whose family is prominent in South Carolina society, was charged with the murder of his family after a strange and well-publicized saga that involved another arrest for fraud after he allegedly faked his own death to try to arrange an insurance payout to his surviving son.

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The night his wife was killed, she had texted a friend an ominous message saying, "he's up to something."

As the trial has kicked off, prosecutors have also introduced new evidence publicly for the first time, including a blue raincoat Murdaugh wore to his parents' house shortly after the killings that had gunshot residue on it.