'He's up to something': South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh's wife texted friend the night she was killed: report
Alex Murdaugh arrives at his bond hearing in Richland County, South Carolina on Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. - Joshua Boucher/The State/TNS

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that the wife of Alex Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina lawyer now indicted for her murder, sent her friend a text message saying "he's up to something," the night she was killed.

"The couple was living apart at the time, and Maggie [Murdaugh] allegedly texted her friend that it seemed 'fishy' that Alex wanted her to meet him at their Islandton, S.C. residence in order to see his ailing dad, according to the source," reported Emily Hernandez. "She even offered to meet him at the hospital, but he convinced her to go to the house, where she was later fatally shot along with their son, Paul, the source said."

"Police also have evidence that Alex had blood splattered on his shirt when he was supposed to be at the hospital with his dad, placing him at the scene of the crime," continued the report.

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A new development in the case, which has gathered sensational national attention due to the dramatic details of the murder and the Murdaugh family's deep influence in South Carolina law enforcement, occurred earlier this week when Murdaugh was indicted on charges of murder of his wife and son.

Murdaugh already faces charges of fraud from an alleged scheme in which he paid a man to fake his shooting death last September for a $10 million insurance payout to his surviving son.

He was formally disbarred from practicing law earlier this week, in response to the charges.

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