Trump aide told FBI that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was her father: report

The Dallas Morning News has obtained a copy of a now-sealed lawsuit alleging that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the father of a 25-year-old congressional aide working for former White House physician Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

"Attorneys for Alexandra Davis filed the lawsuit Thursday in Dallas County, saying that Jones and her mother had a relationship in the mid-1990s from which she was conceived. According to court documents, Jones and Davis’ mother, Cynthia Davis, reached a settlement to financially support the mother and child as long as they didn’t publicly identify Jones as her father," the newspaper reported. "Alexandra Davis is asking a court to find that she isn’t legally bound by the agreement between Jones and her mother if she were to attempt to legally establish that he is her father. She doesn’t want to be sued or lose her financial trusts."

The newspaper reports that the mother and daughter starred in the reality TV show "Big Rich Texas" that aired on the Style Network.

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A public relations representative representing the mother, going by Cindy Davis, told the newspaper in 2012 she was "living off a trust fund, spending her day shopping and drinking wine at night is Cindy’s favorite thing to do. She is known as the no-holds-barred, life-of-the-party socialite who tends to speak without worrying what anyone thinks.”

The lawsuit reportedly says the lawsuit she signed would "exchange money for silence."

The daughter says the only time she revealed the secret was to work in the Trump White House.

"The lawsuit said Alexandra Davis has lived in fear of losing financial support from Jones if she told anyone who her father was. The only time she has disclosed her father’s identity was when she had to obtain security clearance from the FBI to work in the White House for President Donald Trump, the lawsuit said. She currently works for U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, an Amarillo Republican, according to her LinkedIn profile," the newspaper reported.

The newspaper claims Alexandra Davis has never met Jones.

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