‘You’ve been served!’: Jan. 6 organizer hit with civil lawsuit as he leaves House deposition

Jan. 6 organizer Ali Alexander reportedly was served with a civil lawsuit on Thursday as he left a closed-door deposition before the House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

Alexander was flanked by his attorneys and surrounded by reporters as he walked out of the building on Thursday evening, according to video captured by the Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo.

A man approached Alexander holding out documents and said, "Mr. Alexander, I have a summons for you. This is a valid service of process."

Alexander ignored the man and continued walking. But the man followed him toward a waiting vehicle and said: "I have a summons for you. Please take it or I'm just going to have to leave it on the hood of your car."

"That's an Uber," Alexander responded.

One of Alexander's attorneys then asked the man, "What is that for? ... Don't throw anything at him. Treat him with respect."

After Alexander got in the back of the vehicle, the man placed the documents on the seat next to him and said, "You've been served sir," before walking away.

Watch below.