Former Trump Org. executive thinks Allen Weisselberg probably flipped on Donald
Former Trump Org. Exec Barbara Res and CFO Allen Weisselberg (Photo: Screen capture and Trump Org)

Speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber on Wednesday, former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res said that in her opinion, CFO Allen Weisselberg has flipped on former President Donald Trump.

"I think Weisselberg is very concerned about his kids," said Res. "I think that what they're doing is the kind of thing they did with [retired Lt. Gen. Michael] Flynn. Remember his kid? I don't think Weisselberg will let his son go to jail. So that's what he's doing."

Melber noted that despite the fact that Weisselberg was a Trump employee, he has a family that is important to him, and when it comes to issues like these, people could make deals because of it.

"Ultimately is not the right word. In my opinion, this was all a done deal, before, beforehand. Same thing anywhere else," said Res. She made it clear, however, she didn't have any inside information it was just her opinion and theory after knowing Weisselberg.

"This is my opinion. I don't know the facts, but I do know Donald, and I have seen him operate, and I have seen the organization operate," she explained. "Weisselberg has evolved into a different person. I don't know exactly where he's at now, but I knew who he was. He bowed to Donald Trump."

She recalled that everyone else in the company called the president "Donald," but Weisselberg was always the only one who referred to him as "Mr. Trump."

"So, he adores Donald Trump, and Trump knows and has relied on him as trusted and he's probably the only trusted party left other than family," Res said. "But you put Allen Weisselberg and like you said everyone has a heart, I would question about that when it comes to Donald, and I mean that. But Weisselberg will not -- he will not go to jail, and he will not let his children be thrown under the bus, so to speak. Because there is no pardon coming down the road. The only thing that Trump has to offer right now is money, and I don't know that money would pay off jail time."

Res made the comments just moments before CNN broke a story that the New York attorney general's office had been investigating Weisselberg for tax fraud.

See the full interview with Res below:

Weisselberg prob flipped