Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg under criminal tax fraud investigation by New York AG: report
Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg/Screenshot

On Wednesday, CNN reported that Allen Weisselberg, the long-time CFO of the Trump Organization and a critical figure close to former President Donald Trump's family and finances, is at the heart of a criminal tax fraud investigation by the New York attorney general's office.

"The pressure on Weisselberg is mounting from two directions with the attorney general looking into his personal taxes, while prosecutors in the district attorney's office are digging into his role at the Trump Organization, his personal finances, and benefits given to his son Barry, a long-time employee of the Trump Organization," reported Kara Scannell and Sonia Moghe.

Weisselberg has not been accused of a crime as of now. However, according to the report, "Prosecutors are seeking to find leverage that could sway Weisselberg into cooperating with authorities, people familiar with the investigation said, potentially raising the legal stakes for Trump and his family. It's a common tactic used by prosecutors to try to get individuals to "flip" to help build a case higher up the corporate ladder. Vance's office is coordinating with James' office on its criminal investigation into Weisselberg."

There is no indication yet that Weisselberg has flipped on Trump. However, were he to do so, it could potentially be a devastating blow, as he has worked on Trump's finances inside and out.