Allen Weisselberg just fired his Trump-funded lawyers — is he about to flip?
Former CFO Allen Weisselberg leaves the courtroom for a lunch recess during a trial at the New York Supreme Court on Nov. 17, 2022, in New York City. - Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images North America/TNS

Sources are telling WNBC that Allen Weisselberg, the former CFO of the Trump Organization, has fired his Trump Org lawyers.

Weisselberg is not the first one to do something like this. Michael Cohen did it just before he flipped on Trump. Cassidy Hutchinson had a Trump-funded lawyer before she fired him and got another lawyer so she could tell the Jan. 6 investigatory committee the truth about what she learned working for former chief of staff Mark Meadows. Each time a Trump-funded lawyer was fired, it has been an indication that those previous allies were about to turn.

Weisselberg is serving a five-month sentence in a Rikers Island jail, known for being one of the most violent in America. MSNBC's Ali Velshi noted that if someone was trying to get Weisselberg to flip, now would be the time. Last month, the New York Times reported that the Manhattan prosecutor's office was pondering whether to file new charges against Weisselberg for fraud.

Nick Gravante and Mary Mulligan are no longer with Weisselberg.

"Our colleagues at NBC saying that his attorneys, who are being paid for by the Trump Organization to represent Weisselberg, are no longer representing him," said Velshi. "It's a big deal. That could potentially explain the delay."

The delay that Velshi is talking about is the idea that Trump claimed eight days ago that he was about to be arrested. He hasn't been. In fact, there's no indication that he's been indicted either. Grand juries are secret, so it's also possible that they have voted to indict and it simply hasn't made its way to Trump yet. It's assumed the information will be leaked by Trump when it happens, because the district attorney can't legally reveal any information from the grand jury.

See his interview with a former assistant district attorney for the Manhattan DA office below. Or you can click the link to see it here.

Is weisseberbg flipping?