Utah police are investigating video showing students racially bullying Black student on school bus

A video posted publicly to Snapchat shows a group of middle school children on a Utah school bus gathering around a Black student in an apparent incident of racial bullying, Fox 13 reports.

“Black guy! Black guy, look at this," one student says as other students encircle the student, some poking him.

“Stop touching me," the student responds.

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In a statement, the Alpine School District said it's investigating the incident.

"Alpine School District quickly began an investigation upon being made aware of an incident on a school bus. The District’s bullying policy and non-discrimination procedures are being followed to ensure the situation is investigated and addressed immediately. Law enforcement was contacted and has been involved in the investigation. Alpine is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment," the statement read.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office is also working to identify the students involved.

Watch Fox 13's report on the story below:

School district, sheriff's office investigating alleged racist bullying on Utah County school bus www.youtube.com

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