Trump voters having doubts about 'America First' policy as Ukraine fights off Russian aggression
Trump supporters and protesters gather outside a campaign rally (and accompanying anti-Trump protest) for President Trump and US Senate candidate Martha McSally. (Eric Rosenwald /

The war in Ukraine has tested the limits of Donald Trump's "America First" policy for some of his supporters.

A recent survey found broad bipartisan support for punitive sanctions against Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, and self-described loyal Trump voters are alarmed by the death and destruction, reported NBC News.

“I don’t think we’re doing enough,” said Mary King, an unemployed caregiver from northeastern Ohio. “Ask the public what they are willing to sacrifice. I pray every day to St. Nicholas to save the children in Ukraine who are in danger.”

King went to a campaign event in Steubenville for Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance, who has questioned aid for Ukraine, but even some conservative Trump voters are willing to endure higher gas prices as a result of President Joe Biden's ban on Russian oil.

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“It’s not going to cripple us,” said Bob Heinly, a retired cardiac technician who went to Vance's event. “I invest in things that are important to me.”

Heinly agreed with Vance's concerns about Russia forming a stronger relationship with China as the U.S. and other western nations back away from Putin, but he praised the president's handling of the war.

“I hate to say that Joe Biden and his administration have done anything right, but to a degree I think that this is a smart move, to reinforce the troops in these NATO countries,” Heinly said.

Voters told NBC News they don't want American troops involved in the conflict, and none of them supported the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but they strongly supported aiding the country's fight against Russian aggression.

“Give them the weapons to be able to defeat the Russian air force — they’re doing a hell of a job,” said Mark Longo, a retired owner of a food service distributor in Steubenville.

The GOP voters also demanded that Biden boost domestic oil production to counter higher gas prices.

“We’ve got all the oil in the world right here in America,” said Dave Johnson, chair of the Columbiana County GOP and owner of a tile company, “and that’s where I will be critical of Biden. Their solution is, ‘Let’s just all drive electric cars.’”

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