American intel used to kill Russian generals in Ukraine: US officials
Official White House photo by Adam Schultz.

Unnamed "senior American officials" revealed to The New York Times that the U.S. has provided intelligence that helped Ukrainians target "many" of the Russian generals killed during Putin's invasion.

"Ukrainian officials said they have killed approximately 12 generals on the front lines, a number that has astonished military analysts. The targeting help is part of a classified effort by the Biden administration to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine," the newspaper reported. "The administration has sought to keep much of the battlefield intelligence secret, out of fear it will be seen as an escalation and provoke President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia into a wider war."

Both classified and commercial satellites have been part of the intelligence gathering operation.

"The Biden administration is also supplying new weaponry that should improve Ukraine’s ability to target senior Russian officers. The smaller version of the Switchblade drone, which is now arriving on the battlefield, can be used to identify and kill individual soldiers, and could take out a general sitting in a vehicle or giving orders on a front line," the newspaper reported. "Although the administration remains wary of inflaming Mr. Putin to the point that he further escalates his attacks — President Biden has said he will not send American troops to Ukraine or establish a 'no-fly zone' there — current and former officials said the White House finds some value in warning Russia that Ukraine has the weight of the United States and NATO behind it."

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Russian generals still fighting the war have grown "extremely frustrated"

Frederick B. Hodges, the former top U.S. Army commander in Europe, said Russian generals have also made mistakes by talking over unsecured lines of communication.

“It shows poor discipline, lack of experience, arrogance and failure to appreciate Ukrainian capabilities,” he said. “It is not hard to geo-locate someone on a phone talking in the clear.”

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