Americans desperate for vaccines flock to Trump-loving counties that have excess supply: report

Anyone having trouble getting an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine may want to check in with pharmacies located in Trump-loving counties.

The Daily Beast reports that Americans who live in blue areas are having better luck getting vaccinated against COVID-19 in red counties that apparently have excess supplies of the vaccines.

Ohio resident Jennifer Salzano tells the publication that she struggled to get a vaccine appointment for her mother in her home city of Columbus, so she decided to look in other areas of the state to get the job done.

"I just googled 'Trump landslides in Ohio,' then I looked at the nearest county and the biggest city in that county, and I found an appointment," she explains. "The whole thing took me three minutes."

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious disease at Vanderbilt University, similarly tells the Daily Beast that he's noticed the most rural Trump-loving areas of Tennessee have abundant vaccine supplies.

"Any adult 18 and up in the state can come in who wants it," he says. "And we're seeing this availability throughout these rural, more conservative areas."

Polls have shown that Trump supporters are the most hesitant about getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, although there have been stepped-up efforts by some conservatives to convince rural residents that the vaccines are safe and effective.