GOP pollster thinks he's cracked the code to convincing Trump supporters take the COVID vaccine
Two female Trump supporters (Screen cap).

A Republican pollster believes he's figured out how to convince supporters of former President Donald Trump to take the novel coronavirus vaccine.

The Washington Post reports that pollster Frank Luntz has been conducting focus groups about vaccines with Trump voters, whom polls show are some of the most hesitant to get vaccinated.

The short version of Luntz's findings, as recounted by the Post, is that people trying to convince vaccine skeptics should "be honest that scientists don't have all the answers," and should also "tout the number of people who got the vaccines in trials."

Most interestingly, Luntz recommended not showing "pro-vaccine ads with politicians — not even ones with Donald Trump."

Instead of relying on political leaders to make the case, Luntz found that sharing personal stories about the dangers of the disease, as well as sharing facts about how many doctors had personally taken the vaccine and vouched for its safety, were the keys to convincing skeptics.

Luntz also chided President Joe Biden for not giving Trump any credit for the development of the vaccines, which he said would make it easier for some of his supporters to get behind the vaccination drive.

"You credit Trump for the effort he put in and then move on," Luntz said. "What harm can be done by saying something nice? Even though we all know Trump wouldn't do it himself."