Ammon Bundy doxes judge and issues 'chilling call to action' for militia groups: report

Far-right extremist activist Ammon Bundy is doubling down his attacks on the legal system in Idaho after being arrested at an Idaho hospital.

"An alert sent out to a far-right extremist group on Friday encouraged members to seek out the presiding judge in a local child welfare case at her residence. People's Rights, a far-right extremist group in the Treasure Valley, received an audio alert Friday morning from group leaders. It encouraged members to protest at an Ada County judge's residence and doxx her, meaning posting her personal information online," the Idaho Press reported Friday. "The alert named the judge, the VIN on her vehicle, and her address."

Emily Lowe, spokesperson for the Ada County prosecutor's office, said the department will not be intimidated.

"Our office takes child protection cases very seriously. Justice can only be ensured if everybody's rights are protected," Lowe said. "This process protects the rights of all of the involved parties, and works to give the best possible outcome to both parents or guardians and children."

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St. Luke's Health System issued a statement slamming the efforts of People's Rights.

"St. Luke’s team members have been, and continue to be, subjected to harassment and profanity-laced calls; in some cases, their personal information has been shared online, resulting in hateful language and very visible and alarming threats on social media," the hospital said.

The case involves a "severely malnourished" 10-month-old baby.

"After the child's mother refused to hand the child over to police, she was arrested. This interaction led the People's Rights group to begin protesting at St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center on the basis of 'medical kidnapping' and 'medical tyranny' while doxxing health care workers, government workers and others. The protests have continued this week at St. Luke's Boise, the Ada County Courthouse, and elsewhere. St. Luke's Boise went into lockdown and diverted incoming patients for a short time on Tuesday afternoon," the newspaper reported.

The newspaper also reported that "Ammon Bundy, an independent gubernatorial candidate and member of the People's Rights group, also encouraged people to protest at the home of the judge in an online video released Friday morning."

Video of Bundy's message was posted online by Devin Burghart, the executive director of the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights. The group released reports on "Ammon's Army" in 2021 and 2020.

"A year ago, IREHR and the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) released Ammon’s Army: Inside the Far-Right People’s Rights Network, which first documented how the group headed by far-right paramilitary figure Ammon Bundy used politicization of the pandemic to build up a national membership base of 21,851 and a cadre of 153 on-the-ground activists in thirteen states," the group announced in the fall of 2021. "One year later, the People’s Rights network continues to expand, according to new IREHR data. This report examines the latest membership data on the People’s Rights network. Since the release of Ammon’s Army, the People’s Rights network increased its national membership by 53% to 33,431 members in the last year. Moreover, the group’s official activist base grew by more than 160% to 398 activists in 38 states."

The group reported Bundy has 3,133 members in Idaho.

NOW WATCH: Ted Lieu hilariously shames GOP's failure to discipline members who attended white nationalist conference

Ted Lieu shames GOP's failure to discipline members who attended white nationalist conference