Andrew Giuliani credits Trump for 'early success' after getting zero votes in GOP straw poll
Newsmax/screen grab

New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani on Tuesday boasted about his "early success" in the race despite receiving zero votes in a recent Republican straw poll.

Giuliani was asked about the straw poll during an appearance on Newsmax, where he avoided disclosing details of the humiliating loss.

The candidate instead talked about internal polling that indicates "we are up 8 points so far for the Republican nomination."

According to Giuliani, leaders of the party have conspired to "anoint another candidate."

"A couple of dozen people ultimately made that decision in a back room in Albany," he insisted. "That's the difference. I'm very happy being the people's candidate vs. the party insider's candidate."

Giuliani said that his campaign was modeled after former President Donald Trump.

"We are starting to have early success taking that route right there," he explained.

Watch the video below from Newsmax.