GOP official melts down outside Colorado HQ: 'We have a Republican Party that is full of whores!'
Facebook/screen grab

Anil Mathai, chairman of the Republican Party in Colorado's 8th Congressional District, demanded new leadership at the state level.

During a Wednesday rally outside the Colorado Republican Party headquarters, speakers pushed for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters to head the party despite her indictment for alleged election tampering.

"We are gathered here today to give a declaration of war," the first speaker said.

Mathai took the microphone and accused his party of not acting based on conservative ideology.

"We have a Republican Party that is full of whores!" he exclaimed. "They listen to the consultants. Right? They keep telling you about messaging. Right? They are liars."

"They have not held to the U.S. Constitution, and then you wonder why these ass wipes can't win a race!" Mathai continued. "They've taken me to court. My attorney was Jenna Ellis!"

The chairman said the party was controlled by Democrats because of open primaries.

"We have Democrat RINOs in control!" he shouted. "Six years ago, I told these ass wipes, you can't use moderate Republicans to pick a Republican candidate! Right? The most stupidest thing you could have ever have heard."

"Forget the stupid party behind our back. They are corrupt. They are whores!" Mathai concluded.

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