Tensions boil over in Trumpworld after Ann Coulter calls out Dinesh D'Souza's 'stupid' movie
Ann Coulter (Shutterstock)

In a new Substack posted this week, right-wing author Ann Coulter railed against pro-Trump filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza's election fraud film, 2,000 Mules, bemoaning it as "stupid," and saying, "Is there anyone in Trump World who isn't trying fleece the Deplorables? Haven't they suffered enough?"

But her post quickly incurred the wrath of right-wing talk radio host Mark Levin, who decried Coulter as a "grifter."

In her Substack post, Coulter made many of the same points brought up by experts who have debunked 2,000 mules, including Trump's former attorney general William Barr.

"The movie tells Trump diehards (a dwindling crowd) that their man probably DID win the 2020 election!" wrote Coulter. "Using cellphone tracking data obtained by 'True the Vote' (which sounds like a group named by Melania Trump — 'BE BEST!') D'Souza claims to have proof that 2,000 people delivered multiple ballots to election drop boxes in the five crucial battleground states that Trump lost."

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However, Coulter noted, the claim made by the film has several problems — cell phone data doesn't actually prove anyone delivered multiple ballots, and many of the states True the Vote tracked this data in actually make it legal for people to deliver ballots on behalf of other voters.

"The second problem — my problem with the movie — is the idea that Trump's 2020 loss cries out for an explanation. We know for a fact that Trump was wildly popular, sailing to a landslide election on the love of a grateful nation. Only something nefarious could explain his defeat!" wrote Coulter. "Hello? Trump lost only one demographic in 2020 compared to 2016. What was that demographic? ... Answer: WHITE MEN! How did liberal activists pull off that?"